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Early Years Foundation Stage

As a registered childcare provider we adhere to what is known as the Early Years Foundation Stage  (EYFS) framework, these standards describe what children should learn and what levels of development they should be expected to reach at certain ages and stages in their early learning. 

There are several areas of development including communication and language, social and emotional development, understanding the world, expression through arts and design, and leading onto literacy and maths.

Children learn through play and we will support your child’s development in all areas through a range of different activities, games and play opportunities.

Your child will be given a ‘key worker’, who will look after your child’s well-being and communicate with you about their progress. You can ask your key worker to talk you to about your child’s learning and development progress at any time.

As a registered childcare provider we also follow legal safety and welfare requirements set out in the standards. These include the number of staff in the setting, how to administer medicines, and risk assessments.

For more information please visit or download the EYFS guidance for parents (link on the right hand side).

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