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Every Child a Talker (ECaT)

Every Child a Talker (ECaT) was a national government project implemented to develop the language and communication of children from birth to five years of age. 

As a setting we use ECaT tips and guidance to ensure children attending our sessions develop essential communication and language skills. We also complete ECaT audits to track the communication and language develop of the children and identify early any needs in the development area.

ECaT Posters are produced regularly by Southampton City Councils Early Years and Childcare team.  The posters can be found on the right hand side for you to view and use at home with your child.

The 2018 ECaT Posters focus on the theme of 'More Than Words'.  The monthly posters and incorporate a suggested activity.

The 2017 ECaT Posters focus on Listening and Attention and also incorporate a suggested activity.

The 2016 ECaT Posters follow the ‘Top Tips for Talking’ theme and include either a recommended Website of the Month or a Nursery Rhyme of the Month. 

For more information please speak to a member of staff.

ECaT January 2018
ECaT February 2018
ECaT March 2018
ECaT April 2018
ECaT May 2018
ECaT June 2018
ECaT July 2018
ECaT August 2018
ECaT September 2018
ECaT October 2018
ECaT November 2018
ECaT December 2018
More Than Words
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ECaT January 2017
ECaT February 2017
ECaT March 2017
ECaT April 2017
ECaT May 2017
ECaT June 2017
ECaT July 2017
ECaT August 2017
ECaT September 2017
ECaT October 2017
ECaT November 2017
ECaT December 2017
Listening & Attention Skills
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ECaT December 2016
ECaT November 2016
ECaT October 2016
ECaT September 2016
ECaT August 2016
ECaT July 2016
ECaT June 2016
Top Tips for Talking
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